Wedding Photography 
So, just what is my style of wedding photography 
Some call it reportage, others refer to it as photojournalistic. I prefer to use the word 'documentary-style' (ok, that's two words!), but it probably best describes the way I like to work. 
Like a fly-on-the-wall cameraman, I will capture your wedding as it unfolds naturally. I won't be telling you where to stand, or holding up the day to get zillions of posed (and quite unnatural) photographs... but I will be there, in the background (ninja-like), unobtrusively recording the people, the venue and those wonderful moments that will be so important to you on your wedding day. 
For most weddings these days I ditch my big clunky DSLR cameras, preferring to use the latest technology 'mirrorless cameras'. They can be set to silent, which is great during the ceremony. And then of course, being silent, and significantly smaller than DSLRs, capturing candid moments throughout the rest of the day is so much easier. 
To be honest, most people seeing my cameras don't expect me to be the official photographer. There are usually plenty of guests with much bigger cameras than mine, and this tends to take eyes off me, allowing me to grab shots I probably would not have got with a DSLR. 
During our initial consultation, costs will be important, they usually are. It will be part of my job to work with you, to ensure we work within your budget. 
Contact me for a free consultation on 07954 400554 
I currently shoot a maximum of just 10 weddings per year (on a first come - first served basis) 
The photos below represent a range of images photographed in either natural light, artifical light, or a mixture of the two.  
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Wedding Photography 
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