Portrait Photography that captures exactly the right image 

My relaxed style of portrait photography allows me to capture exactly the right type of image. My aim is to work with each person, family or group of people and help them choose a style of portrait photography that compliments them and achieves what they want the picture to say about them.  
Portraits can range from simple head-shots through to couples, family shots, children and corporate. Prices start as low as £100 for LinkedIn style portraits & increase depending on complexity. A consultation is essential for us to discuss the options. 

Hampshire Portrait Photographer  

Whether I'm photographing a family group, an individual, an actor, a model, a dancer, a local businessman or a CEO, getting the right type of image is essential and of course, each often requires techniques specific to their type. 
It's unlikely that I would ever photograph a company CEO in a pink onesie, blowing bubbles. 
(unlikely, but not impossible!!) 
A standard studio session against a white backdrop is ideal for some clients, especially models and actors seeking head shots... but to take the photo-shoot out on location gives you a totally unique image - one that tells as much about you as the clothes you're wearing. 
The complexity of photo-shoots varies from simply using one camera and available light - through to mixing daylight with multiple lighting units, which could mean lots of additional equipment, including stands, booms, soft boxes, reflectors and coloured gels.  
Simple jobs only require the photographer, others may need assistants and a make-up artist. 
And to be honest, even if the solution is complicated, the trick is to make it look simple.  
The photos below represent a range of images photographed in either natural light, artifical light, or a mixture of the two.  
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