I had not heard of Tamplins Place before. A wedding venue near the North Hampshire village of Hartley Wintney that is quite beautiful and strangely quirky. With it’s own pond and barn, it offers a opportunities for great photographs in a characterful environment. On a day like this it was magnificent. 
This was another hot and sunny day, and everyone looked so good in their summer wedding clothes. This kind of weather brings out the best in people and it was one of most fun weddings I have ever photographed. Certainly the bride and groom were absolutely determined to have as much fun as possible. I don’t think I managed to get them to be sensible for one shot (which was brilliant, as their love of life and love for each other shone through and put a smile on everyone’s face). 
As gorgeous as the sun is, it does present difficult issues for the photographer. Bright highlights and harsh shadows are not flattering. Ideally I like to photograph people with the sun behind them; they’re not squinting with the sun in their eyes and because their faces are effectively in the shade, shadows are reduced and the overall light is more attractive (ladies, wrinkles become less visible!). Some shots however, had to be taken from the wrong angle and I did my best to balance out the highlights and shadows in post-processing. 
Anyway, here are a handful of photographs from the wedding day – and yes, that is me photo-bombing photo number 4! Please leave comments and questions at the bottom of the page. 
Click on photos to enlarge. 
Thank you to the hairdressers (The Lounge in Cove) for allowing me freedom to roam with my camera while Nicki had hair and makeup done. 
Gear used: I shoot all my weddings these days with Fuji mirrorless cameras; they are silent, lightweight and very unobtrusive. On this occasion I used and X-T1 and an XPro2 with a range of primes. 
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