What experience means 
"There are very few jobs I can't tackle" says Kevin 
"I have the equipment and the expertise to capture most things, including specialist lenses for working in low light (great for dark enviroments like churches and concert theatres) and I have a vast array of lighting gear, giving me the creative tools I need to photograph fantastic portraits, whatever the available light" 
But equipment alone does not make a good photographer. To get the very best out of people, sometimes you need a photographer who is a good communicator too. 
"I guess one of my greatest strengths is my ability to relax people.  
Quite often the difference between a good and a bad portrait image, is the expression on the face. Anyone can take a photo with an expensive camera, it takes an experienced photographer to get that 'money shot' again and again" 
Client-centric flexibilty  
No two jobs are the same.  
Portrait sessions can be captured candidly or posed. In studio or on location. 
With some clients, Kevin will work them to produce conceptual images where locations, costumes, props and make-up are all brought together to produce the final look.  
Weddings and other special events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) are captured unobtrusively in a documentary style, with Kevin working quietly in the background using the latest technology silent cameras. 
Everything is up for discussion, with timing and location to suit the client. 
"A good portrait should tell you something about the person, it should reveal something of their personality - give you a glimpse into who they really are. Each wedding is a story told, each has its moments of drama, of tension of laughter and love. Each is unique and requires empathy and experience to capture the day naturally." 
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